“Work hard, play hard. Get up and make it happen…”

Robyn Ferguson; Ibanez

I’m a 28 year old female musician from South Africa. I’ve been playing guitar since the age of 12 and have had over 10 years of combined guitar and vocal music training.
I’ve had many ups and downs throughout my life and I’m sure there will be many more to come but one thing has always remained the same and that is my love for music and art. Music, and playing the guitar specifically, is my absolute passion and I cannot survive without it.

I’m fortunate to have rubbed shoulders with many pro-level musicians, both locally and internationally and have shared the stage with bands including: Cannibal Corpse, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hate Breed, Becoming the Archetype, Periphery, Norma Jean, Epica, Kataklysm, Alestorm, Septic Flesh, to name but a few.

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I’m currently an Elixir String endorsee as well as the first and only female musician to be locally endorsed by Ibanez Guitars.

Although Metal is my preferred genre, I do and have performed in many different mixed genre bands and projects and you can always stay updated through my website and see what I’m working on.

My current projects for 2019 include:
Adorned in Ash
Sistas of Metal
Alizarin- Solo EP Album

I’m also always excited to work with like-minded musicians, so please feel free to hit me up.

Please CONTACT ME for more information should you feel the need.

More about Robyn’s solo projects and albums:

For years you’ve seen her on stage performing in bands and projects headed up by some of the greats in the industry but now she’s putting all her energy into growing herself as a solo musician and is seriously a force to be reckoned with. Her solo EP album “Alizarin” was released globally in April 2019 and has spread like wildfire. Since then she has been writing and recording material for a second album which is still to be announced. Alizarin is a completely self composed, recorded and produced album. Every instrument and part was created and recorded by her and this 4 track powerhouse concept album is sure to blow your mind. She has been performing as a solo act since the release of Alizarin with shows ranging from live performances of the album to guitar clinics and workshops both locally and abroad. Follow her solo material on all major platforms and if you wish to support her, please become a Patreon supporter


More about Adorned in Ash:

Adorned in Ash (AiA) is a female fronted Extreme Metal band from Pretoria, South Africa. Robyn Ferguson is both the vocalist and the lead guitarist for the band with Mark Ivey on drums, Leon van Rensburg on lead guitar and Colin Deacon on bass.

AiA prides themselves on delivering a unique musical experience along with a powerful stage show. Influences include thrash, speed and groove metal as well as progressive and technical death & black metal. Winners of the South African Metal Music Awards (SAMMA) for Best Death Metal Band in 2015 and Best Black Metal Band in 2017, AiA combine elements of various musical styles whilst never compromising on their unique style.


Adorned in Ash with Robyn have shared the stage with legends including: Becoming The Archetype, Cannibal Corpse, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Belphegor, Epica, Skinned, Decapitated, Periphery, Norma Jean, Alestorm, Kataklysm, Hatebreed, Septicflesh, Aborted, Carnifex, Restock and more.

The band launched their debut album in 2014 titled: “The Dead Walk Among Us” and has since then roped in numerous global distribution deals with the album now available worldwide. The band is currently recording their long-awaited second album and hope to deliver a powerful, melodic, progressive album.

Adorned in Ash have announced the release of their second album “Apocalyptic Violence”. The concept album will be available globally on the 20th of December 2019.

Robyn Ferguson; Ibanez; Adorned in Ash

More about Sistas of Metal:

“The Sirens, the muses, the fates. We are the sisters bound together by our love for metal.”

Sistas of Metal is an all female project band from South Africa. The band consists of members from different high powered local metal bands who come together to perform in the project.

The band is a successful touring act and have graced the international stages with crowds of some 24 thousand fans. They only get together a few times a year for shows and when they do it’s huge.

The band currently consists of:

Vocals- Robyn Ferguson of Adorned in Ash and Robyn Ferguson Solo Projects
Guitar- Tamla McMahon of Tamla Kahn
Guitar- Callysta van Niekerk of Posthumous and Arx
Bass- Roushan van Niekerk of Riddlebreak
Drums- Session Musician

Sistas of Metal; Robyn Ferguson